Are you looking for an experienced and trained Destination Wedding agent ….

  • Who will help plan your Destination Wedding and be there for you every step of the way?
  • Who has the knowledge and training to guide you with your Destination Wedding? 
  • Who can help save you time, stress, money, and not bog you down with all the minor details of planning your Destination Wedding while having fun at the same time?  
I am an experienced trained agent! I am also a detailed, Conscientious, organized, outgoing, trustworthy, personable and caring individual who looks forward to helping you make unforgettable memories on your wedding journey.
Schedule your complimentary planning session with me anytime you are ready to start planning your Dream Destination Wedding!   Simply click on button below.                                                   

Are you looking for an experienced Agent ….

  • who has the knowledge to help plan your vacation, honeymoon or group trip and take care of all of the travel arrangements so that all you have to do is pack and go?         
  • who will assist in planning your trips and/or important events while saving you time and money?        
  • who can manage your wants/needs and help you find the best resort and destination options for you with their expertise?
  • who also has the training and knowledge to assist with your Dream Destination Wedding?                  ______________________________________         

 I am experienced, professional, personable, caring and I love to travel!  I love to set up my clients with the best options that fit their wants and needs to select their perfect trip! I specialize in Destination Weddings, Honeymoons, all Inclusive trips, group trips and cruises.  I also do River Cruises,  Europe and other trips. I have the knowledge and the expertise to help you with all of your travel needs! 


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I am a personable, trustworthy, conscientious, detailed, experienced and knowledgeable travel professional that loves to travel and gain more knowledge! I love to help others by booking their travel while staying within their budgets and listening to their wants and needs to find them their ideal fit and best vacations ever. 

My BIG LOVE is helping couples find the perfect destination and plan their Dream Destination Wedding while making things as easy and stress free as possible for them so they do not have to feel overwhelmed and lost. I want to help free up as much of their valuable time as I can by assisting them in knowing where to begin with the process and continue from there. I am there for them every step of the planning process as needed and required or requested.   

I specialize and am trained in Destination Weddings, Honeymoons, all Inclusive, groups and cruises.  I also do River Cruises,  Europe and other travel. I have the knowledge and the expertise to help you with any of your travel needs! 

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